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LINNEA Persian Lime Candle

LINNEA Persian Lime Candle


SCENT NOTES: Lime + Neroli + Vetiver.

New packaging - same beautiful scent.  

Each Linnea’s Lights® candle is hand crafted in small batches to maximize their scent/wax concentration to ensure the ultimate in cold and hot fragrance throw. Every step of creating these soy candles is touched by the human hand. From hand blending, pouring, and finishing, Linnea’s Lights® candles are created with passion and an unwavering commitment to quality and beauty. Linnea’s Lights® soy candles use lead-free cotton wicks and are sold beautifully packaged in recycled materials.

60 hour burn time  

 3.5” D x 4.5" H

11 oz

Made in the USA