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Salted Company Nut Trio for Cheese - Gift Set

Salted Company Nut Trio for Cheese - Gift Set


What you need to know about Salted Company: These are no ordinary nuts. Salted Company has taken big buttery Spanish almonds to the next level with sophisticated flavour combinations blended to pair perfectly with your favourite cheeses. Intrigue your taste buds and your guests. Raise the bar. 

Salted fancy cocktail nuts and honey salsas are hand crafted in small batches in Toronto.

Two bold nut mixes and a unique seeded honey to complement the buttery, nutty and grassy flavours of your favourite cheese.

01 Wildflower Honey with Marcona Almonds, 6 seeds, Olive Oil

02 Marcona Almonds, Candied Rosemary, Green Raisin

07 Marcona and Valencia Almonds, Potato Sticks, Truffle

Products used do not contain gluten but cannot guarantee gluten free.