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Fusion Tough Coat Applicator Sponge

Fusion Tough Coat Applicator Sponge


These Tough Coat sponges have been made to take the stress away from your top coat step! 

Made with an ergonomic grip for your hands, these sponges provide extra stability and ease while applying our Tough Coat.  

Pour your Tough Coat on a disposable paper plate.  Slightly dampen your sponge with water and dip it evenly in our Tough Coat. Start at one end of your project and do a solid swipe in one direction. Repeat this process over your entire piece.  Ensuring you always wipe your sponge in one direction only. Do not wipe backwards over the wet Tough Coat surface. Wiping backwards will cause air bubbles to form in your Tough Coat. To ensure a smooth, streak free application wipe in one direction.  

Let your Tough Coat dry for approximately 2-4 hours and then repeat the process.  

When using these sponges, you can keep them in a ziplock bag with the air removed to prevent it from drying between coats.  Keep your sponge for future projects. Can be reused approximately 3-5 times.